Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Love Heena

I love body painting, especially Heena. Heena make my body look artistic. Because it's impossible for me to make a tattoo. Its so scared to me, when i see a needle drawn my skin and blood over my body. But, i like Heena . Its a kind of temporary tattoo. Heena didnt use a needle, so it can't hurt my skin. Beside that, if we want to change a pattern,its so easy to erease that. That's my new heena on those pict. I make this three days
 ago when i visiting a traditional event on my town. Now, i'm still looking for a brand new pattern to change that, so, it's always look different in every week.

Supported by Miella Heena Art
Talent : Ariyani Satria
Make-up : Ariyani Satria
Taken by : Ninot Artria
Outfit : Ricky Satria's