Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I means backstreet in a relationship yaaa. I think it's a gift, it's a pride. So, I wonder, why a relationship should be hidden? Why are they not proud with their mate?
I always proud of you. Is a dificult for you to show me as your mate? Is i'm too ugly to proud of, so you feel ashamed babe?
It's so annoying for me you know.
Baby, do you know that I was strong until today because of you, because I'm sure someday you will proud of me as I proud of you. Do you know that I'll always love you even though your love will be changed. Do you know that I'll still waiting for you, until you aware that i'm realize to be proud.^^


  1. Replies
    1. aku mbaaaa. dalam proses keknya. wkwkw..

  2. Backstreet sama ortu... atau sama temen2?
    Kalo sama ortu.. tegang abis.. kalo sama temen2... backstreet? Really...??? *curiga* :p

    1. sama ortu sama temen2, tapi akhirnya ketauan juga. wakaka.. tragiiiiz.^^

  3. Replies
    1. met tauun baru jugaaa mbaa. telaaat banget maaf ya mbaaa. wkwkwk..