Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm PReCiouS

I'm precious, everything in my life is precious.
Sometimes, i feel that nothing special in my life. Nothing special in my face. Do you thing like that?
Actually, that's just in my mind. Someone says, that i like Preity Zinta. Just because i have dimple, and chubby cheek like her. You know guys, she is an Bollywood artist. And she is soooo pretty. Aw aw aw.. I'm not believe that apparently i'm so pretty. Hahaha..
Something seems precious if we appreciate it. I'm precious even many more says, i looks like buntelan tahu (i don't know in English, sorry^^). My phone is precious even many fabulous phone coming every minute. Lebaaaaaay mode on. My home is precious even just a small home, but it is the sweetest home i ever had. My parent and my brother is precious even sometimes different argument happen between us. My friends is precious, because without them, my world so desolate. So, what's you feel not precious? You're precious no matter what you are.
 Preity Zinta..^^
Ayie Kasturi..^^
Do you find similarity between them?? 


  1. Replies
    1. rambut ya mba. wkwkw.. ngarep bilang cakepnya. hahahaa..

  2. bentuk giginya sama deh spertinya... :)

    1. hahahaa.. gigi kelinci ya mbaaaa. baru nyadar.^^

  3. Hahahaha nice post;) just found out your blog, great blog^^ How about following each other?;--)

    Eka Theresia♥

    1. thank you dear. see u in your blog. wkwkwk..