Wednesday, December 12, 2012

HaPPy B'Day 12-12-12

Today is my father birthday. He's an 53 years old. Maybe he's far away from here. But, i know, he is so happy there. I always pray, Allah give happiness and peacefulness for him. I love him so much. I hope he understand that until of the end of time, he's always been my father and i will not forget him. I can't give anything for him. I can't give white orchid as usually. I'm so sorry Bapak. I promise, someday, i will make you proud of me as i have always been proud of you.
I love you Bapak. Still love you. And please don't worry, i'm okay Bapak. You know laaah, i'm strong enough.^^ Happy Birthday Happy Birthday..

 just for you ^^

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