Thursday, January 17, 2013


Have you ever been enviously with someone who have more than you? It's that normally as a human? Seriously, sometimes enviously make your passion increas. To get something or more of the same your rival. But enviously can hurt your heart if you do not get what you want. So? What do you think about enviously? It be done or not?
Case closed ya..>.<
No rain today. Only a clouds. But i miss the rain so bad. I don't know the reason i love the rain. The smeel of the soil after rain is so relaxed, so refresh. Maybe later tonight will rain down. Yippii..


  1. yaaa.. it's a human feeling, Sist.
    We can't deny it, but we can't force ourself, too..

  2. with envy, let's make 1 step forward.

    i love rain too. coz my tears goned by water rain. -zzzz-

    1. siaaaaaap.
      ihiiiiy.. samaan molooooo ni kita. aheeuy, lebaaay dehsi mba. pengen semaput dah.>.<

    2. hahahaaa.. tu kan lebay lagi. huaaaa.. lariiiii..>.<

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  4. ya manusiawi lah, tapi jangan kelamaan enviousnya. Jadikan sebuah lecutan untuk lebih baik aja. salam kenal mbak, :)