Tuesday, January 8, 2013

LasT ChanCe

Tommorow is the last chance for you. Maybe it's hard for me to say goodbye. But i think, i must do it. Do you know Utin, my patience is up. I'm so tired to waiting you.
I'm realize that you never came to me. I try to trust you, to give you more chance again, to believe that your love just for me, to showed your seriousness. But you didn't.
Do you think i would hurt, and be a brokenhearted girl?
Hey, this situation happen to me repeatedly honey. So, i'm insensitive, i'm strong enough, and trust me, no tears for this time.^^
Your lies is so funny dear. Don't forget, i'm be a ticketing staff in Nusantara more than years. You can't fooled me. When you say that you go there with NS 90 seat 15. Hahaha.. I'm just laugh. As i know, Super Executive using a number and letter example 1A, 2C.
Okey, see you dear. Wish you luck in everything you do. And, don't forget. I haven't forgiven. Maybe next time, maybe never. Just go with the flow.^^
pictnya ngembat di flickr ^^


  1. dalem........... hihihihi

    semangat move on yah cantikk ^^

    1. semangat semangaaaat. makaaaasiiiiy cintaaaa. hehehe..