Sunday, January 26, 2014

WhateveR wiLL be, wiLL be

I never imagine everything happened so fast in my life. It's like a dream. But when i opened my eyes, everything is real. I want to closed my eyes again, hope it's just some pieces of my dreams. But it's real. It's so real.
A month ago, my mom still be with me. We laugh, we spend our time together, talk about our dreams, our hope. A month ago, everything seems okay. But now, i had lost my mom, i had lost someone that since five years ago always be with be, i have lost my job, i have lost my house, and i have lost my friends ( maybe ), just an ordinary friends, not truly friends. Is it going to hurt me? To destroy me? Yes, it is. But i never lose Allah in my heart, Bapak and Mandhung, they are always beside me. Why am i so afraid?
I believe Allah will make me strong, hold my hand and say that everything is gonna be okay, and still okay. It's easy to passed.
I don't know what Allah planned for my life. But i always hope, everything that Allah has planned is something best for me, for my family, and for people around me.
There isn't doubtless in my heart. I'm sure, this is the way that i have to go through, to be a better person, see a better future, through a better life, and having a better love.
It's a wonderful life. Full of surprises. Sometimes it's make you smile, wondering a beautidul things, and to be afraid of something. But it's make you near to Allah, never lose your hope, and keep dreaming.
Okaaaaay.. Whatever will be, will be.

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